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Motorexpo London - Drive the Future event

I just noticed today that the motor expo in London will be holding a "Drive the Future" event. The expo will be taking place from the 6th-12th of June and the public can attend free of charge.

For those that don't know, Motorexpo is the world’s biggest free to visit motoring event. It features displays of the latest vehicles from the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. You can visit their website at http://www.motorexpo.com/

Motorexpo Logo

Quentin Wilson, who is a strong advocate of Hydrogen, will be championing the event. It will be the very first opportunity for the general public to experience all types of low carbon, high mpg, hybrid and electric vehicles in a full ride and drive facility.

In addition, I believe that ITM Power will have a live demonstration of their HFuel hydrogen refuelling unit onsite.