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The Carbon Trust launches "Empower" online tool

The Carbon Trust has launched an online tool called "Empower", designed to help employees reduce their carbon footprint at work. Whilst this isn't strictly a hydrogen related topic I thought it was worth mentioning as we are all ultimately aiming for a cleaner, low carbon future.

Empower Web Tool


The tool itself has been written as a flash animation and allows you to navigate around a virtual office. Along the way there are lots of information points which you can click on to gather ideas for how you can save energy. At the end of the tour any information that you have entered is summarised and used to produce a personal action plan. Additionally, the tool also calculates how many kilograms of CO2 emissions that your personal action plan could save per year.

Empower main page

I think that this is a brilliant tool because it is simple, concise and user friendly. It helps people to understand how much everyday actions can impact on carbon emissions. Well worth a visit: http://www.carbontrust.co.uk/cut-carbon-reduce-costs/products-services/web-tools/empower/Pages/empower-your-employees.aspx