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Edward Davey MP recognizes hydrogen as an energy storage solution for wind farms

Ed Davey, MPEdward Davey is the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in the UK. In an interview with Andrew Neil on the BBC Sunday Politics show (aired on the 14th July) he revealed that he has considered hydrogen as a potential energy storage medium for wind farms.

In response to a criticism by Andrew Neil regarding the money spent on wind farms he states:

"We are developing Energy Storage technologies. Not just batteries - we're looking at water technology, we're looking at hydrogen technology, so we can store wind power when it's not needed on the grid."

"The vast majority of climate change scientists believe that climate change is happening and that man made activity is causing it"

This follows on from the speech he made on the 4th June seeking to push the government to commit to all electricity being generated from low carbon sources such as wind and nuclear by 2030. This was something that was previously snubbed by the chancellor George Osborne, with any commitment delayed until after the election in 2016. However, the good news is that the draft Electricity Market Reform Delivery Plan is expected to lead to renewable energy contributing 30% to the UK’s power mix in 2020. This will put the UK one step ahead in the global race to develop clean technologies, and will support up to 250,000 jobs across the energy sector.

“The new support mechanism we are introducing for renewables will make it cheaper to deliver low-carbon generation by around £5 billion up to 2030."

Ed Davey has an interesting background as his "strong views on the environment were probably what pushed [him] towards becoming politically active". This makes his position in the Department for Energy and Climate change very well suited. You can read more about him on his homepage here.