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FCX Clarity hits the road in the UK

Honda FCX Clarity Publicity BookletI noticed an article on the BBC last week that mentioned that the Honda FCX Clarity had finally landed in the UK (Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11297952). The article was quite informative and gave a good rundown of the benefits of hydrogen vs batteries.

After further research I discovered that the Honda was being refuelled at Loughborough University's onsite refuelling station (part of the "Midlands Hydrogen Ring" of refuelling stations). Honda has brought the ground-breaking hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity, to the UK for the first time, to take part in a series of high profile test drives to raise awareness of the zero emission technology.

Dr Rupert Gammon, Visiting Researcher based in Loughborough University’s Innovation Centre and Chair of the British Midlands Hydrogen Forum, added: “Progress towards environmentally friendly motoring is gathering significant momentum and this region is at the heart if the movement."

“Here at Loughborough University in particular, we are dedicated to bringing zero emission technology to the motoring industry and the hydrogen refuelling station was installed on the campus to enable us to drive forward research in this area. It is therefore both very fitting and exciting that the revolutionary FCX Clarity is to make a refuelling stop here on its first visit to the UK.”

Large scale testing of the FCX Clarity has been ongoing for some time now in both Japan and California, but has not seen as much activity in Europe due to the lack of hydrogen infrastructure. Honda are expecting support to grow for the Clarity as more infrastructure falls into place, citing 2015 as the year for much larger mass production of the car.

An excellent, 32-page publicity pack for the Honda FCX Clarity can be found here: http://www.fcxclarity-media.co.uk/